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Вместо хирит - примулины,микрохириты и хенкелии
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Автор:  Ирина Щедрина [ Пн сен 17, 2012 00:50 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Вместо хирит - примулины,микрохириты и хенкелии

Новые имена культивируемых видов хирит:
Chirita anachoreta = Henckelia anachoreta
Chirita asperifolia = Liebigia speciosa
Chirita balancae = Primulina balansae
Chirita barbata = Microchirita barbata
Chirita bogneriana = Primulina bogneriana
Chirita brassicoides = Primulina brassicoides
Chirita briggsioides = Henckelia briggsioides
Chirita caliginosa = Microchirita caliginosa
Chirita dielsii = Henckelia dielsii
Chirita eburnea = Primulina eburnea
Chirita elphinstonia = Microchirita elphinstonia
Chirita fimbrisepala = Primulina fimbrisepala
Chirita flavimaculata = Primulina flavimaculata
Chirita gemella = Primulina gemella
Chirita hamosa = Microchirita hamosa
Chirita heterotricha = Primulina heterotricha
Chirita hookeri = Henckelia hookeri
Chirita involucrata = Microchirita involucrata
Chirita lavandulacea = Microchirita lavandulacea
Chirita liboensis = Primulina liboensis
Chirita linearifolia = Primulina linearifolia
Chirita longgangensis = Primulina longgangensis
Chirita lutea = Primulina lutea
Chirita micromusa = Microchirita micromusa
Chirita minutimaculata = Primulina minutimaculata
Chirita moonii = Henckelia moonii
Chirita ophiopogoides = Primulina ophiopogoides
Chirita pteropoda = Primulina pteropoda
Chirita pumila = Henckelia pumila
Chirita sclerophylla = Primulina sclerophylla
Chirita sericea = Microchirita sericea
Chirita sinensis = Primulina dryas
Chirita spadiciformis = Primulina spadiciformis
Chirita speciosa = Henckelia speciosa
Chirita subrhomboidea = Primulina subrhomboidea
Chirita tamiana = Primulina tamiana
Chirita tribracteata = Primulina tribracteata
Chirita urticifolia = Henckelia urticifolia
Chirita viola = Microchirita viola
Chirita walkerae = Henckelia walkerae
Chirita wentsaii = Primulina wentsaii
Chirita yungfuensis = Primulina yungfuensis
Chirita zeylanica = Henckelia communis

The cultivated species
There are over 40 species of chirita that are currently in cultivation.
many of these species were discussed in The Gloxinian vol. 48, part 2
(1998), in a series of articles on the genus and won't be discussed in any detail again here .
Listed below are the cultivated species along with their new names.

The Gesneriad Society follows Gesneriaceae nomenclature established on the
Smithsonian Institution Taxonomy Reference Website:


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